Open Source Software

Empower your organisation with innovative and proven open source software from Tawesoft.


Author documents with a simple Lisp-like syntax. Process them using the powerful XML tooling your team already uses.

Try Bach, our free, open, portable, XML-interoperable document markup language.


Create intelligent applications with our machine-readable versions of the WHATWG HTML5 specification.


Rumex is our free and open source programmable framework for source code documentation.

Coming soon


Rapidly create conforming HTML documents with Strictdom, our strictly typed wrapper around the popular Dominate library for Python.


People trust software systems with their data. Write safer, more secure code and resist cyber attacks. Get Untrusted, our free and open source module for Python programmers.


Webzero (a.k.a. Zero) is a composable, low-level, high performance, minimal Python framework for rapid development of Web Applications.

Coming soon

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