Digital Security

Website and Server Encryption

When processing personal data electronically, you have both an ethical responsibility and a legal duty to protect the privacy of data subjects.

Tawesoft can help your business implement industry standard measures for secure digital communication.

We can:

  • Take care of getting the necessary Digital Certificate issued and signed by a third-party Certificate Authority. We can probably negotiate a good price for you, too.
  • Encrypt webserver communication using HTTPS, a secure protocol for communication over the Internet.
  • Encrypt mailserver communication using Trusted TLS connections to encrypt email in transit.
  • Deliver managed, hardened, installations that are independently verified by SSL Labs.
  • Secure your API integrations with encryption and authentication.
  • Evaluate or agree contracts with Data Processors to ensure you are adequately safeguarding data, particularly if it is transferred outside of the EU Economic Area.

Windows Server Security

It's important that anyone you trust with security is confident with the technology involved. We deploy and maintain secure Linux systems every day, and we take it really seriously. We don't, however, have the same experience with Windows Server. In that case, we'll do our best to recommend you to someone with the right skills instead.

Affordable SSL Certificates

If you're looking for Domain-Validated SSL at an affordable price, we recommend buying RapidSSL through Namecheap. RapidSSL are a long-established Certificate Authority owned by Symantec. Their signed certificates have high web browser and device compatibility. Namecheap as a reseller provide additional technical support and can save you money.

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